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Transparency is a governing value at Neehasoft Inc. As part of its responsibility,

Advisory Board
Neehasoft Inc have a strong Advisory Board comprising high-level professionals and individuals. They put their experience, domain knowledge, and expertise to guide us to achieve our target in a well-defined and systematic approach. Their valuable knowledge helps us in analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, dealing, policymaking and marketing.
Employee Communication
Transparency is a governing value at Neehasoft Inc. As part of its responsibility, the management communicates with all employees at the beginning of every week on every business-related issue. The higher authority of the company has a one-to-one communication via email with Neehasoft Inc employees. Senior leader meetings are held and every issue is brought into the open for discussion and improvement.
Supportive workplace
Neehasoft Inc offers a very supportive workplace. From personal care to skill development, here is a truly exemplary workplace you'll certainly be proud of.
Brilliant guides & trained leaders
Our leaders are trained to assess in all fairness and provide pertinent guidelines to the team members. They are encouraged to give candid and constructive feedback so as to help their team members achieve goals. The leaders are put through training sessions to recognize talent and good work and encourage everyone to draw level with excellence.
A very fair global appraisal system: Global tools are used to assess each employee's performance against business objectives and skills. Rewards and applauds are plenty for high performers. Every piece of recorded work through weekly reports is scrutinized and aptly encouraged.
Caring and ethical team
Caring and ethical team: We stand by values of integrity, hard work and honesty. We wish to be well-rounded professionals sensitive to social and environmental issues as well.
We provide high level of training to the employees for new technologies and to increase productivity and placing them in the forefront of technology advancement. "Build people - build careers" is our motto.
HR policy
A strong employee policy that cares a great deal about the compensation and career opportunities in a high-speed industry.

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